Island Cruising Club of Salcombe, Devon

Start Yachting is normally run over a weekend starting at on the Friday evening.
Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Coastal are a 5 day course starting Sunday evening completing late Friday afternoon.
Examinations,for Yachtmaster Coaosta/Offshore are in addition to the 5 day refresher.
All on board food, fuel, marina berthing costs are included.
Free Island Cruising Club membership is included on your first 5 day practical course/cruises, giving club access to the club keel boats, launches, club sailing and rib for 12 months.

Island Spirit – skippered summer cruises and mile building

For 2017 the ICC will be offering skippered summer cruises in which members can participate in all, or individual parts, of the proposed cruise.   

The program for 2017 is Salcombe to Brittany and return.

The emphasis will be on relaxed cruising rather than training, but passages will provide opportunity for mile-building and for suitably qualified members to sail as Mates for approval as Club Skippers.  

18th  Jun.   Cruise to Brittany via Channel Islands. Start and finish in Salcombe.

17th Sept.   Cruise to Brittany via Channel Islands. Start and finish in Salcombe.

Other possible crises

For 2017, we are planning for voyages to Lundy, Ushant via Brittany and possibly chartering a yacht in Scotland to visit St Kilda, please let us know if you are interested.

Island Spirit is owned by members and operated by the Island Cruising Club in Salcombe to encourage yacht sailing at an affordable level through skippered cruises and member charters.  The Club also provides training courses to enable clients to gain formal RYA qualifications.

With over 60 years’ experience of cruising and yacht sail training, the Island Cruising Club, the original Salcombe sailing school, is regarded as one of the best places in the UK to learn to sail, and with the scenery of the Devon and Cornwall coastline provides a beautiful backdrop to a fantastic sailing area. While training courses tend to use local waters, we also offer 5 or 7 day cross-Channel cruises exploring some of the Channel Islands or further afield.

All our week-long cruises begin and end in Salcombe but our extended summer cruise will incorporate legs that start and end at ports with good public transport links.

The Island Cruising Club organise informal (non-training) Club group sailing events, which range from a half day, to a day or more. If you would like to kept informed of the Island Spirit informal cruises, then contact Keith Baker, Rear Commodore Cruising, and he will keep you up-dated on forthcoming events

 ‘Island Spirit’ is a Delphia 37 and is perfect for teaching, mile-building and relaxed cruising. We can accommodate up to 5 guests plus the skipper for RYA courses and mile-building, and up to seven plus skipper for cruising, informal group sailing and day trips. 


Island Spirit